Thursday, September 27, 2007

the female leather chair....

so i am helping a dear friend of mine with a house that she and her husband are building....and let me tell you, they LOVE leather. it's something i struggle with b/c while i think that leather is good looking in a chair, i tend to steer away from it for sofas. however, i have opened my eyes to the idea of it a little more b/c to their defense, they have two small children and think its the best for spills and clean-up. so with that said, i have been on a quest to find beautiful leather....and here my friend, is exactly that!

its funny b/c domino just featured an article on leather and my friend called me out on it, saying "see shannon, they say leather is back".....this is the leather that is back: classic, beautiful, feminine leather! who wouldn't want two of these chairs in their house(besides kevin)?

*in case you are wondering, i did find a sofa i think is nice in leather....if you want to see what i suggested, here it is!