Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kitchen Island

if you don't go to antique stores or flea markets than you are truly missing out. i fell in love with big daddy's antiques ; there is only one problem....its in LA. but if you are looking for inspiration or just something different, check out his site (i assume its a "he" since the store is big daddy). and if you fall in love with something like i just did, you can always email "big daddy" and see if they ship. the only problem is that you might pay a whopping fee to get it here from cali....but none-the-less, it shows you that great things do exists and gives you instinctive to find something locally.

but for now since i am stuck home (baby is napping) while my hubbie is at the beach w/ the dog, i will envision this industrial zinc work table as a kitchen island (and boy does it make a great one). the kitchen would have white painted cabinets, my beautiful carrera marble counter tops (honed of course), simplistic, white subway tile as the backsplash that would extend all the way up the wall, a farmhouse sink, and my lovely zinc island with pendant lights hanging above......

and you know what else if fantastic about using this found piece as an island, the bottom shelf is great for storage and an eye-catcher for displaying cool things....find some woven baskets and keep kitchen supplies in there, or put your "all-clad pots" down there, or vintage mixing bowls, or your red wine collection....

this zinc island also saves a heck of a lot of money that you would spend having an island built and nobody else will have the same one as you.....priceless :)

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