Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the saks of baby stores

if you want to know what makes my heart melt, its b. braithwaite. i fell in love with this baby boutique when it was featured in southern accents last year. i loved it so much that i drove to atlanta just to go there and buy my baby's crib. the store is gorgeous and why shouldn't it be...it's creator is nancy braithwaite who has been an interior designer for 35 yrs before starting the store. she and her daughter chaffee, decided to open a baby boutique after going on a shopping trip to paris(i would kill to go on a shopping trip in paris). the layout of the store is amazing....very classic and sophisticated. a lot of baby stores can be junked up with whimsical aspects, but not here. the "nurseries" are set up in a monochromatic look, beautifully showcasing each of the contemporary cribs they offer. one of the best parts about the whole experience are the beautiful topiaries that you are greeted by at the entrance of the boutique....a huge teddy bear and rabbit. it is truly a pregnant woman's shopping dream....if you are ever in atlanta and are craving some baby bliss, stop by b. braithwaite!


Laura said...

I totally second B. Braithwaite as the ultimate baby store! My sister lives in Atlanta, so I got to visit there this summer. It is simultaneously modern but soft, the way a baby's room should be. I loved the dark wood store fixtures against the white walls with light colored merchandise displayed on them. As you mentioned, the topiaries are incredible. My sister bought the prettiest Ralph Lauren baby mary janes there!

Brilliant Asylum said...

This is one of the prettiest stores in Atlanta--maybe in the whole country. I always love showing up with a gift from this shop. The goods are simple and chic, and the giftwrap is lovely. Worth a drive indeed!

Indecisive Friend said...

I have been planning away on opening my baby/maternity store(except that girl beat me to it on the west side)...maybe I will find some buried treasurer or great investor and we can do it together...you got the style..I got the business side..ha!!!

Ali said...

Oh those topiaries! I may have to find scaled down versions for House & Life! I want to come shop! Thanks for the gorgeous post.

Laura said...

One of my friends came all the way from San Antonio to shop there! I thought she was coming to see friends and family, but that was top on her list!

Anonymous said...

Lovely.... your blog is so nice. I too have two babies and I prefer Dreamtime Baby to shop for them with coupons.

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Jessica said...

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