Thursday, December 6, 2007

why can't i be oscar??

lately, i have been having this epiphany that i can do anything if i set my mind to it...well i want to be oscar...aka the man with that spray can featured in the picture! (ha, for people that know me, they would get a real chuckle out of that!) i don't know if it is me reading style court's guest blog this week (she is doing the best posts), but man i am obsessed w/ wanting to find the perfect flea market bargain and making it something sassy like Lee from Pieces or Ruthie from Chapman Radcliff. and i think if i had this spray can and of course the gas station shirt w/ my name on it, i could create some real masterpieces!! we have a garage and my father-in-law has that spray can tool...why couldn't i. i called my husband at work yesterday and said, i want to paint our china cabinet! he wasn't too excited about this idea (maybe b/c our garage has the bookshelf that he built over thanksgiving still sitting in it needing another coat of primer and 2 coats of paint...but wouldn't it be so much easier if we sprayed it) i also want to paint my DR chandelier, our LR armoire, and my foyer console....i need to be oscar. plus, i think you look a lot cooler w/ a spray can vs. a paint brush!

4 comments: said...

hilarious! i love it. you should see my "spray station"... i use an old "sheperd's hook" garden plant hanger (you know that you shove into the ground and hang plants on) well I hang any and everything from it so I can spray paint it. I painted my bedroom chandelier on it, most recently sprayed grapevine wreaths bright red (to adorn my windows for christmas), and many other things. it works well if you don't have a nice set up like Oscar!
thanks for sharing!

Things That Inspire said...

When I saw some of those chairs on the Style Court posts, it made me furious that I gave my old dining room chairs away...they would have looked really great painted black or even orange! Thank you for pointing me to Style Court's guest posts, they are full of inspiration and tips.

girl meets glamour said...

I believe in you! You can be Oscar...and take lots of pics of your newly painted cabinet :)


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