Tuesday, January 15, 2008

vagabond vintage

beware, i think this week's post may consist of "finds" from my magazine tear outs...
this little gem, mothology, was found on a tear page that just listed "places you need to know". last night i searched a couple of the resources and came across this beautiful shop in atl. has anyone been here? the online store consists of beautiful, vintage inspired accents for your home and the prices are really great. I adore the canvas bordeaux buckets and can think of so many great uses for these and at $21 they definitely don't break the bank! the turquoise milk glass collection would look amazing displayed in a book shelf against a chocolate brown accent wall. but i have to say i'm a sucker for anything this color...its just gorgeous. and lastly, after reading the description of these french wine glasses it made me want them even more...the 23 stands for 23 francs which was the going rate for a glass of wine in France back in the day.
i am heading to atl the first weekend of Feb. and i might just have to stop by this little diddy. i am also going to ADAC and i cannot wait to visit "Pieces"...i have been dying to see what this place is all about. If you have any other suggestions of "must see" shopping in the atl, please let me know!


Things That Inspire said...

I think that mothology is just an online/catalog store without a retail front. It was a way for them to sell many of their 'to the trade' items to the public (they have a to the trade company too).

You might be interested in checking out Belvedere and Bungalow Classic too. Travis (not the fabric part in ADAC, but the store) is in a complex next to ADAC, the Galleries at Peachtree Hills, you might like it. I love Mrs. Howard, also in the Galleries at Peachtree Hills, but it might be a bit traditional for your taste.

There are lots of more contemporary stores in the mid-town/downtown area, such as Space (http://www.spacemodern.com/index2.php) and Yes Home (http://www.yes4me.com/store.html). Space is the one that carries Ochre (if I'm not mistaken). Red Showroom is a to the trade only store in mid-town that represents some more eclectic lines.

Some of the Atlanta bloggers like Armour & Company in the Virginia Highlands area, and some of the antique stores on Bennett Street such as the Interiors Market and the Stalls. There was a big article in one of the magazines recently - maybe Southern Accents? - that had a great rundown of designers favorite stores in Atlanta. It was a good representation of some of the great stores that Atlanta has to offer.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Pieces, Bungalow and Armour & Co. are favorites of mine, but I also recommend Mrs. Howards and Max and Co. at The Galleries at Peachtree Hills. They are Atlanta's answer to the Charlotte Moss Townhouse (and better IMHO).

House & Life said...

I adore those buckets.

ali said...

I think that Blue Milk Glass Collection is one of my favorite things I have seen in a while. Thank you!

Laura said...

Yes, yes, yes to Bungalow Classic, Armour and Co., Belvedere, and Pieces. And be sure to get a fish taco at Taqueria del Sol while you're shopping on the westside.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Your blog is right up my alley, I adore anything and everything to do with pink.
The turquoise milkglass is fabulous!!!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful collections :)