Monday, February 4, 2008

i'm back.....

and all i have to show are some random fabrics and a matchbox from pieces. i wish i had some great pictures to share w/ you from my trip to ADAC and pieces but i don't. it was a really quick trip. i was semi disappointed at ADAC b/c i really didn't see much "new" stuff. i found some great wallpaper from schumacher but it is being mailed to me b/c i didn't have time to wait around for all of my memo samples. victoria hagan has some great furniture additions...and i am obsessing over some wallpaper that ruthie sommers has in her office (its not new though....just new to me). when it gets here, i'll share them.

pieces was great. i was sad b/c lee wasn't there and i would have liked to have met her. i wanted to take a picture in there and i asked the guy working and he didn't seem too down w/ it. so unforunately, all i have to show is this matchbox. i think one of my fav parts about the store was the handles on the doors...huge lucite ones. i would love to get my hands on some of those. the store is amazing...everything organized by colors- yellow, kelly green, etc. i will say, if you can't make it to the actual store, the website is a great representation of everything she has. i kind of felt like i was in my computer b/c i have stared at her inventory for so long!!

so i am sorry i can't share more but like i said the "atl" part of my trip was very quickly done....also i have caught some kind of funk going around and am not feeling the best. hopefully, tomorrow i will be better....ta ta for now.


lee kleinhelter said...

Hi, I'm so sorry I missed meeting you too! Please next time e-mail us at the store when you'll be coming and I'll make sure I'm there. This week I've been out of town for the NY gift show... etc. Normally during the days I'm out getting things upholstered, re-wired (the un-glamorous side!). I'm sorry you didn't get any pictures. We just took some quick shots recently I can send you. Thanks again for making a point to come by! I'm glad you liked everything! Keep up the great work! Love your blog! Again, please e-mail me or Perry at the store if you ever need anything else!

CSS said...

Loving that Lee reads your awesome blog...Who makes the pink chocolate and cream fabric (and what is it called if you have a sec)! Thanks!