Monday, March 24, 2008

angie hranowsky...

i was so excited when i was flipping through a magazine and ran across angie hranowsky. i was even more shocked that she was a local designer. the interiors of her mother's home was so hip that i couldn't resist emailing her to find out more....angie couldn't have been any sweeter and agreed to do a little Q & A....

Q: I totally stumbled upon you while flipping thru house beautiful looking for something inspiring for a current project. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that you lived here! You are a breath of fresh air in a town full of traditional designers…what inspires your design style?
A: I would say the main things that inspire my design style are vintage/modern furniture and architecture and color. I have been a collector of vintage furniture for years. I am constantly seeking out interesting pieces and furniture designers that are more rare.

Q: You had a wonderful client to work for- your mother! Her house is so hip and with it…did you both come up with the feminine concept or did you just tell her to trust you!??
A: Doing my mom's house when she moved here was a great experience. We did talk first about what she wanted, feminine and comfortable. She was great and really followed my instincts. I would show her what I was doing for her approval, but she was pretty open about it all.

Q: I have to know more about the amazing chandelier that you painted for the master bedroom….i think I read that you did it yourself…please share!!
A: Yes, I got a glass chandelier and painted it myself with car paint. Getting paint to stick to glass even with priming it first was not easy. I loved the idea of a colored glass chandelier and decided I could get the look for a lot less and make it more interesting.

Q: I adore the hallway with the O & L paper…everything looks so effortless…are the lamp and console vintage?
A:Yes, the lamp and cabinet in the hall are vintage, although I had the cabinet refinished with a
fresh coat of white lacquer.
Q: What is your favorite local place to shop?
A: My favorite local place is Antiques in South Windermere in the South Windermere shopping center. I stop in there almost every week. There are really no places in town that sell a lot of vintage, but that antique store always has a good mix of furniture and accessories and I have been fortunate to stumble on some good finds. Ultimately I don't get a lot things in town. I am constantly searching and looking for good finds when I am traveling.

Q: What is the one design trend you can’t get enough of and what is one you hope to never see again??
A: I'm not sure it's a trend, but I can never get enough of turquoise. I love the color whether its paint, fabric or jewelry.
I don't like country... themes, decor, nothing country.
Thanks so much for taking time out angie for this interview! Keep up the great design!!


Cemaya said...

Love the bold and unusual patterns on the fabric and wallpaper. And that chandelier! Wow, turquoise is perfect!!

My Notting Hill said...

Great interview - I love her work. Also, cute new picture of your baby.

House & Life said...

Nice interview, enjoyed those pics. The babe is too much.

So Haute said...

Beautiful! Her use of color is so inspiring...I absolutely love her style and I wasn't familiar with her work before your post so thanks for introducing me to a new talent to admire!

TonicHome said...

That white cabinet in the entry is really great. Also like the wallpaper in the bathroom. Any idea where it's from? Also, this might sound stupid, but where do you buy car paint? car dealership?

girl meets glamour said...

So cool, love this interview and these images especially!!


j. said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous interiors!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I am sooooo trying this painted chandelier thing. GREAT idea!

This is a very inspiring interview. Thanks for introducing us to a fantastic designer.

Jessie said...

These pics are brill! I would also love to know more about the yellow wallpaper. The deep purply (sp?) paint in the dining room is perfect for that space, too. I'm trying to figure out if I could pull that color off in my bedroom...

I recently just did a similar chandelier project (on a much smaller budget), and am going to be doing tomorrow's blog post on it! Check it out if you'd like some more info/helpful tips!