Wednesday, June 25, 2008

maine cottage...

one thing is for sure, if you are looking for color and happiness behind your furniture design- maine cottage has definitely got you covered. we are lucky to have a store downtown and you cannot walk in there w/out being greeted w/just that. don't be afraid if you can't get yourself to commit to that much color- they do offer a great brown, a gray, and white paint options....

i love reading how people got started and i thought that their story shows how everyone starts from the bottom and works their way up...they opened 20 yrs ago in yarmouth, maine w/ furniture samples from a carpenter named 'cookie', 5 paint colors from artist carol bass who noticed that a trend in the design mags was painted 'found' cottage pieces, and an offer from a friend to do a free brochure for the company...from there they have flourished into a colorful, coastal furniture company....wonder if 'cookie' still works for them?


SimplyGrove said...

Fun Find!!!

Carolina Eclectic said...

Very cute! I love beach living.

Holly at Maison James said...

I think it is the most charming stuff but it's on the pricey side!

Ashley L. said...

i love those chairs! cute, quaint, and charming! :)

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