Friday, July 18, 2008

cha ching...

shopping can be tiring...i'm not asking you to feel sorry for me...but it can be hard, especially in atl and that town's insane traffic; i need to do a little shout out for my neighbors who lent me their gps...i don't know what i would have done without it. i LOVE that thing...but its kind of scary...i don't pay a bit of attention to my surrounds and i put all of my trust into this computer generated women to guide me all over never once crossed my mind that she could be telling me the wrong place. but luckily, she was right on and i had a successful shopping trip in the big city. i can't go to atl w/out stopping at pieces; *sigh* i could live in that place...its so wonderful and beautifully color coordinated with amazing taste. yea, i am going to have to do another *sigh* on that note.
so i'll touch on some hot spots i experienced...bedding- i still think that it is really hard to do bedding...maybe b/c my bed consist of a white duvet b/c i can't figure out what i want to do in there. however, i went to this amazing place, belle chamber- loved it. i was greeted by a woman who looked just like charlotte on sex and the city but w/ shorter, curly hair. she was sporting her pearls and a perfectly pressed pleated shirt. she was so much help. i think charleston needs a bedding place like this one. they have so much gorgeous stuff...all the lulu dk samples (which is a huge help when you are trying to match things with existing fabrics in a room). and so many other brands that i hadn't found online. the only draw back is that luxury bedding comes with a luxury price tag. so i am still in limbo.
okay, this is getting super long so i am going to speed this up...LOVE bungalow classic. the store is just so tastefully done and has the most beautiful lamps. and the way they display their furniture is just wonderful...all upholstered in linen, coffee tables had sparse but right on accessories, bedding was classic, and fabulous rugs. you should totally shop here...stocked up on some lamps for a client.
i am multi tasking by writing this way too long post, talking to my brother, and eat the rest of taylor's peach. i am going to run!! have a great weekend!! tay and i are going to play at the pool today...much needed relaxation after all of that shopping :)


Anonymous said...

wow! you must have the best neighbors in the world!

Emily said...

A GPS system is a god send! I had to get one because I am always driving far distances to client's houses and it has helped me out so much!

Emily @ Material Girls

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