Friday, August 15, 2008

galbraith & paul

so i have a routine every morning- wake up, get the kid, put her in bed w/ me, she drinks her milk, make coffee, fix me and kid breakfast, unload the dishwasher, play and read some books to kid, put kid down for a nap- this is in about a two hr span of time. then i have one hour of "me" time until kid gets up...this is when i sit in front of the computer and drink my 2nd cup of coffee and blog (if i get around to it- i have been a little slack this summer), check my email, and shower.
so today, i have spent my entire 2nd cup of coffee on the galbraith and paul website. these fabrics/ lights/ pillows have been around for a while. i have a lot of the fabrics in my library and admire the detail that they put into each hand blocked pattern. but it wasn't until this morning that i caught a glimpse of how they are really made. it is such a beautiful process and makes me appreciate the fabric that much more. if you have a second or are like me and drinking your cup of coffee, check out the detail that these craftsmen put into making their products. maybe the next time i try to sell one of my clients on the fabric, i will refer them to the website so they can get a better understanding of why they have to take out a small loan in order to afford them!! have a wonderful weekend!


Jennifer said...

I have two Galbraith and Paul pillows on my family room sofas. I had been coveting them for years at Room & Board and when the ones I loved most went on sale last year, I snatched them up immediately. They are *incredible* and I love them!

Carolina Eclectic said...

Oh how well I know this routine! I don't blame you for spending your precious "alone" time on this website. G and P are worth it.

Jessie said...

Love these!

The second pic is my favorite... reminds me of sand dollars and who doesn't like to be reminded of the beach!?

Anonymous said...

As a fellow C of C alumni ('99 BA in French), I love your blog and enjoy reading all of your posts-I have shared it with all of my design-obsessed friends too!
Thank you from ATL,

Jennifer said...

so cinnamon in coffee = life-changing! I put cinnamon on everything, how did I not think of this before?!

Emily said...


I am a fashion design student at the University of Cincinnati. I am highly interested in Galbraith and Paul. You mentioned in your blog that you saw the technique that they used, and I was wondering if you could share that sight with me if you have it! Thank you!