Thursday, September 18, 2008

is that fall in the air??

so when i went and let barron out this morning i noticed that it's actually/ slightly cool outside today...this makes me super excited. as i waited for him to "do his business", i flipped through the anthropologie catalog and immediately fell in love with these ruffled riding boots....i think i love the fact that they spice the already fab riding boots w/ a girlie/ so me :)


MIMILEE said...

Love your blog!!!!

Your daughter is a cutie pie! Is that a Clemson tiger cheerleader outfit? We are AUBURN TIGERS!

I am loving the Fall crispness in the air too!


K said...

Love those boots. I love how styles are being created from riding clothes. Love it!!

beth messervy said...

so i'm thinking of starting a graphic design did you get started with yours?

Pink Wallpaper said...

you should totally start one...its super easy. i just went on blogspot one day when i was bored and out came this thing. go for it...its a great resource for people who work on their's like you have your own network of friends/ people in your field to seek advice from!!

Ursie B said...

LOVE. THESE. BOOTS. I have been looking for a new pair and the second I saw these, I knew I HAD to have them. Thanks for the inspiration!

simply seleta said...

Don't you love them?!?!!?

Santa will bring them a few days late as my size is not available until 12.29 Funny, I've had the exact page marked sitting by the phone for days and days now.

Anonymous said...

LOVE these boots too! Can anyone tell me how these boots fit? I want to order but not sure if they run big/small/wide/narrow, etc.