Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the return of the cafe curtain...

when i started working for a designer (10 yrs ago) in college, i remember making faces when she would mention words like balloon shade, swag and jabot, or cafe curtains when we were brainstorming for window treatments for clients...i can now laugh at myself as i ponder where i could incorporate cafe curtains into my own home...i love the simplicity of them and how great they show off a fabric...i actually just put a pair in a client's home!


Sarah Arkanoff said...

Love the thought of using them in a living room! ♥

Rebecca June said...

How much do I love all of these pictures? I will have to start thinking about how to put them in my kitchen window without my husband saying anything! LOVE IT!

Kara said...

LoVe it!

simply seleta said...

Wow, thanks Shannon! I'm so honored to be among great company. [Can't wait for you to see my fancy new China Seas cafes I just put in my laundry room. They're fun.]

megan said...

They are nice change from the 'ordinary'. Great post!

p.s. Love your 'what I am thinkinig' for the day. :)

Found said...

great post. i love cafe curtains! so nostalgic and perfect in a kitchen (or as you have shown, a living room too). i love the steel kitchen photo, tres chic!

alice said...

Very cute... especially in fun fabrics!

abigail said...

shoulder pads and cafe curtains! everything old is new again.
I am thinking of putting some in my dining room!

Julia Shealy said...

Wish I had done these in my kitchen instead of roman shades b/c we have to stand up on a chair every time we want to putt the shade up and down. I've seen pictures of these and think they are a great idea!

Katrina said...

I remember doing the same thing. My nose used to wrinkle at light pastel colors on walls. whole house is pale grey and white now. I have slowly learned to never say never. Oh, and I too have grown fond of cafe curtains.

Canvas Prints said...

I would definitely use these in the kitchen. Not so much in the living room. In simple patterns and warm colors. Thanks for sharing these!

Blueprint Bliss said...

I want to make some for the two windows in my kitchen... just have to find some fabric that I like (can afford).

Sweet Nothings said...

yeah, i need the curtains in the second picture

Madella's Decorating said...

I'm not ready for the cafe curtains yet...maybe in a country cottage type setting, but that just isn't my style. I like something that looks a little more tailored.

No.35style said...

i am leaning towards these for the window above my just trying to find fabric.

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Adore the stainless steel kitchen with the ikat curtains...envy!

Creation Station- Redesigning for a more expressive you! said...

Congrats on the'mommydom'! It's been 3 years for me now; TWINS! And as a designer, you want to jump, but as a mommy, you want to slow down and snuggle! It's not easy to turn it off, and at the same time it's amazing how your mind switches gears and your imagination is transformed to a higher level! Cafe curtians rock! In fact, I'm getting ready to introduce them into my own kitchen/dr! 'Mosaic' style!

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