Tuesday, May 12, 2009


my husband is fabulous...he listens very carefully when i drop hints about what i might want for special occasions....now some people might not find that workout clothes and pilates videos are what they exactly strive for as gifts from their husbands- but let me just tell you what i have learned- the outfit is everything...i am here to say that you can 100% run better if your workout attire is good looking. and i can also tell you that drinking wine and doing pilates isn't such a great idea...you might think that it is only stretching and so an occasional sip b/w trees and leg lifts will be fine....ha, i obviously had no idea what i was getting myself into...

*image courtesy of flickr


Blueprint Bliss said...

I thought wine made everything better?!?!

Bethany said...

I totally agree that the right outfit will TOTALLY make your workout better.

BTW, I added some new music to my exercise mix and thought you might be inspired to do the same:

Nelly Furtato- Promiscuous and Say it Right
Thelma Houston- Dont leave me this way
Fatboy Slim-Heaven
Lil Jon, Trick Daddy- Lets go
Ying Yang Twins- Shake
Garbage-Push it

Pink Wallpaper said...

bethany, thanks for the new playlist...i need new ones!!

THE DB FILES said...

We totally agree too - one must definately LOOK the part!

jen jafarzadeh said...

I got yoga pants I wanted last birthday and they were the best present!

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