Friday, July 15, 2011


my in-laws took taylor to the mountains yesterday and so we just have little walker solo this weekend.  yesterday, while walker was napping i had to chance to actually sit at the computer and read blogs!!  it was fabulous....
i spotted this bathroom on simply seleta....hello perfection!!  (and if you haven't seen it, check out what seleta's husband did for her b' cute!!)
next, i spotted this stacked glass lamp that i am dying to add to my house.....but i better start saving, b/c she's not cheap.  but fabulous, right?!!
then i decided that i wanted to have friends over for dinner friday night....i am dying to get this cookbook....this meal would be perfection, as well as this table setting:

and this is always a fun motto for fridays :)
which i found on the cutest blog....who happens to be an adorable girl i met when i was in costa rica 2 yrs ago!!  randomly, lindsey found me and remembered me from a boat cruise we were on.  she and her husband were on their last night and we were in the middle of our trip but we had a blast together on the 6+ hr boat/ snorkel excursion...could have been the cocktails that they were serving too :)  but i am so happy to see that they are expecting a baby girl....i mean how cute is she?!   you have to watch this adorable video that she posted on how they found out what they are having...and her house is fabulous as well- that would be a framed hermes scarf and those sconces are killer (i need them in my life)!
next, i visited ruby press, and this stopped me in my tracks and made me realize i want to make ice cream.....first, i need an ice cream maker....and i need to have better handwriting and cute storage containers!
after that, my little man woke up.  but the 2+ hrs i had surfing the internet was pure bliss.  i hope y'all have an amazing weekend!!!  see y'all next week! XO


Collins said...

Hi sweet Shannon! Glad you got some time to yourself. :) I am going to call Brantley and go see her soon so maybe we can all get together? Are you still in Beaufort? Call me crazy but I was thinking you all moved to Columbia but I just can't remember. Anyway, I will be stopping by and saying hello much more often now that I am back in blogland. Have a great weekend and tell Warren I said hello!

Lindsay said...

I would die for that stacked lamp! I need to start saving too!
Love your blog and check it out daily! If you have time, please check out a new blog I started with 4 friends-
Thanks for being a blog inspiration!
Collect 5

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad you had some free time! Thanks for introducing me to Fifi's blog! Super cute. And now I want and ice cream machine, too...

Have a great weekend!

The enchanted home said...

Love that first bathroom....GORGESUS!!!! The lamp is quite stunning too. Downtime is the best isn't it and crave more more more. She is adorable and like you I am in love with those charming ice cream containers, man I have a lot of things yet to do in life...churning my own ice cream and creating my own uber charming containers amongst one of them!!

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

Oh yay! That's my bathroom in her reader redo! Can you believe my beloved handyman custom made my woodwork from that tiny inspiration pic?! Thanks for posting, Shannon! Have a great weekend. :)

Secret Mommy said...

I think the stacked glass lamp could pretty easily and without *EXTREME* cost be replicated. I have a lot of friends who copy glass designs by having their local glass shop custom cut glass for them. You'd need however many squares cut out of a thick glass (or plexi or something...) and have them pre-drill a hole in each. Then you can arrange them how you like and use epoxy to set them in place. From there it would be a matter of threading in a pre-made lamp kit, purchasing a simple shade and VOILA! :)

(PS - That bathroom is just killer.)

Emily said...

WHERE did you find that awesome champagne poster? I NEED it. :-) THANKS!!!

Emily Marie said...

I'm loving the Champaigne sign! Too cute. You're right - it's a perfect motto for Fridays.

Julie said...

Fifi's blog is too cute!

Have a fab weekend! :)

Lindsey said...

Thanks so much for sharing my blog Shannon! Your readers have been great!!! Love the your pizza making photo booth. Looks like so much fun!

simply seleta said...

Okay now I am taking my little 30 minutes away from kiddos and catching up on my favorite this was one surprise post - thanks for the shout out Shannon!

So glad you had some down time for yourself. Isn't it amazing how much you can get done when you're operating with only half of the number of children? In my case I feel like it's a big break when I down to only two, ha ha...

Tiffany Ashley said...

Shannon- I am loving your posts!! I'm officially hooked-- Isn't Lindsey a doll???...we majored in fashion together!



Anonymous said...

Did a search for the champagne poster and found it via pinterest on this site - - I think I will drink a glass on that :)

Anonymous said...

Did a search for the champagne poster and found it via pinterest on this site - - I think I will drink a glass on that :)

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