Monday, July 2, 2012

on the way to dinner this weekend, my friend turned on her ipod and the car immediately broke into a fist pumping routine.....i had no idea what they were doing....this AM i you tubed it and it totally started my monday off right....seriously, try not to laugh!


Manda said...

Green typically isn't my favorite- but I'm definitely digging these ideas!
Eat Cake

Anonymous said...

I love the bicycle picture! And I watched that youtube video...awkward but so funny!


Jenna @ Sequined Sunsets said...

Love the green color in the featured pictures...very natural but bright!

Chrissy and Holly said...

Hi Shannon,
Your blog is the very first blog I started reading well over a year ago. It took me this long to "join". Love all your images and you put a smile on my face when I read "What I'm Thinking". If you get a chance check out mine and my mom's blog that we started together earlier this spring.

Zane Wooder said...

I like how even the soap for the kitchen is green. Green is pretty even though some people don't care for the color.

-Zane of ontario honey