Wednesday, July 3, 2013


this past weekend, i was around a person who said the word "magical" a lot.  it's not a word that you hear a lot in conversation.  but i like it.  in fact, i kind of feel like summer is magical.  at least for me.

*images courtesy of teil duncan (obsessed w/ her work), michael graydonjosep mancada


Anne said...

lovely photos! Have a happy day! um I mean magical day ;)

caycee said...

Beautiful!! I think summer is so magical ;)

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Love those paintings!!

Buffy Alten said...

Beautiful images as always!

Riffat Saif said...


Anonymous said...

Here is a list of things which I think are magical: quality time, beautiful water, family and friends. And the perfect time to enjoy all of that is in the summer. That is a great shot of the feet in the water, it really captures the feel of your description.

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Ivy Lane said...

I want that painting.. (first image)

Brij nandan Prasad said...

Nice blog and pictures!
I would love to share this blog.

Brij Nandan

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