Friday, August 31, 2007


happy friday....i mean come on, how can this not put a smile on your face; this is fantastic wallpaper! i love this! if you are looking for some truly unique wallpaper, go to my new fav site . they have wonderful wallpaper, which conveniently enough can all be purchased at a great price by yours truly :) go to this site and go to their gallery and you can get a feel for all the crazy papers!! be bold and be proud and put some loud wallpaper in your powder room, or on one wall in your kitchen, or in your restaurant, or in your child's room! this is my fav room for the day! i love the industrial look of those floors with the raw wood as well!! have a great weekend and i'll see you next week!!

***maybe i should limit my intake of tea today...i think i ended all of my sentences with several exclamation points...i was just so excited about this website!!! there i go again with the !!

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