Saturday, September 1, 2007

Headboard dilemma??

i know i was suppose to be doing something crazy and exciting on this labor day weekend but its raining outside, my husband's fishing (or attempting to), and the baby's i decided to write a blog. i hope y'all are doing something a lot cooler than reading this on your labor day weekend!

anyhoo....i love this idea of a stenciled on headboard. i think its a great way to give the look of a headboard w/out the commitment of having to actually purchase one. its fantastic for the budget friendly, yet stylish 20/30 year olds. don't you think it would be great in a guest bedroom? and i love how they paired it w/funky bedding...if you decide to do this, explore the bedding at anthropologie and pick out an accent color for the walls. paint the headboard a shade lighter or darker than your wall color and to really spice it up, do the paint sheen in pearle and it will give luster to the headboard. when you are tired of this headboard or you have enough money in the piggy bank to actually purchase one, all you have to do is repaint the wall! to purchase this stencil go to .

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