Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i am not martha...

so i totally hesitated in showing y'all this but i said that i would so here it is. our 2nd annual pumpkin carving happened on sunday night and here are the results. as you can see everyone else used a pumpkin stencil and then there is mine (top one, in case you couldn't tell). i wanted to be martha stewart and try something creative and original...well, unfortunately my pumpkin is awful. you know, i am an interior designer and so i thought i would just be gifted at this whole pumpkin carving thing...not so much. for those of you that are confused (believe me, my husband and neighbors got a huge laugh out of mine) i was going for cute "dots"....i started out great (i thought) by scalloping the top edge of the pumpkin. then i got out the drill (real funny, me w/ a power drill) and things were still going okay. i did a little four dot design in the scalloped edge part. the next step is when my neighbor sabotaged me and told me to use a drill attachment to make the big holes (it was the attachment you use to make a hole in the back of your armoire for the tv cables)....and that's when everything went terribly wrong. poor, poor pumpkin. i disgraced it and martha! next year i'm going back to the pumpkin stencil....

*side note- using a drill on a pumpkin causes mad chaos in the kitchen...pumpkin guts go everywhere!


Anonymous said...

but i think yours is the MOST
creative.........anybody can cut around a stencil!! Even I could do that. But a "polka dot pumpkin"
is a NOVEL idea.........keep it up

Pink Wallpaper's Husband said...

note to all husbands out there - (first I am impressed that you are reading this blog), secondly, if your wife asks to borrow your brand new drill to carve a pumpkin .... deny deny deny.

katiedid said...

HA! I found you through Anna at Absolutely Beautiful Things. If you want a REAL laugh, check out my daughter's pumpkin carving contest in my latest post. Unidentifiable is the word that comes to mind.

Great blog! Keep it up! I will be back!


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