Friday, November 30, 2007

christmas time is here!!!

so since its officially christmas time- as of tomorrow, i will now begin to write posts relating to my FAV holiday. if i can beat this cold, my husband and i will begin to decorate tomorrow. it's total chaos when this starts- mainly b/c of the outside lights. we always try to come up with some awesome way to do them and then they end up being incredibly tacky and shorting out our power b/c we have too many lights connected together. two years ago, we actually caught the bushes on fire...who knew it wasn't good to leave the lights on in the rain? i almost peed myself when i saw the sparks....luckily,it ended very quickly.
i am trying to reinvent my interior christmas problem is, i can't remember what all i have until the boxes are down from the attic. i was thinking this year i would try to step it up a notch and paint this adorable reindeer that was featured in domino last year....yea, don't hold your breath but it is a great thought. i mean, i really think i can do things like this and then i buy the supplies and the excitement fizzles. or i think it would be cute to do a series of reindeer parts like these cards and hang them in a grouping. i'll give you an update on monday....


ALL THE BEST said...

just found your lovely blog...look forward to seeing your photos.

Things That Inspire said...

I remember seeing that feature last year. So many artistic things are so easy.....but you are right, getting the energy to go out, get the supplies, and actually do it is most of the challenge (particularly when you are working and caring for an infant!).

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