Friday, December 14, 2007

backsplash envy (well actually entire house envy)...

suzanne from simply magic totally makes me envious of her kitchen backsplash tile, custom designed by her super fab design team woodson & rummerfield...i noticed this little beauty in a display of her christmas card. i emailed her and told her it was amazing and that's when she informed me that ron and jamie had this ann sacks tile custom colored green, gray, and white for her space! the top pic is a view of her entire kitchen/ dr/ lr space. lucky lady! i read in one of her previous posts that her husband had mastered the art of tile installation...wonder if he installed this? btw, great talent to master. tile installation can get pricey, especially the decorative, art inspired tiles that are now available. finding someone who has this talent is a true gem! (you can check out other pictures of her house at w & r, it is to die the powder room wallpaper!!)


House & Life said...

What a gorgeous kitchen. I can't wait to look at more pics.

Patricia Gray said...

It's a great backsplash. I love the small horizontal tiles.

SGM said...

That house is amazing! Thank you for bringing it into my life. :)

suzannemarques said...

thanks for the shout out girl! i just saw it!!! my husband robert did install the tile, which was actually pretty easy since it came in sheets. ann sacks also asks for specific measurements because it is custom laid out so the random pattern holds throughout the space.
the tile was pricey i think $100 a square foot, but i didn't have to pay for installation! :)

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