Monday, December 17, 2007

making small spaces work best for you....

some people see a small space as an obsticle but what you need to know is that you can make the smallest space a perfect opportunity to make a major design statement! one thing that you might keep in mind is going monochromatic with your color palette...too many colors in a small space may make it seem choppy and broken up. I think an all white color palette looks amazing...i love using a crisp white for everything...try Ben Moore navajo white. to create dimension use a flat sheen on the walls, a satin or semi-gloss on the trim and to step it up, try a gloss on the ceilings! this gives added depth and texture to your space. you should also try to capture as much light as possible; keep the window treatments simple like side panels which allow the maximum amount of light to enter the room. Also, reflective surfaces like mirrors, polished solid surfaces, or shiny finishes like chrome give added light. Avoid a lot of visual cutter from bulky furniture. This would be a good time to play with furniture you can see through. Another benefit of a small space, means you might be able to splurge on some lavish materials you otherwise couldn't marble countertops, or an elaborate backsplash, high end appliances, wallpaper, etc. so take your small space and tackle it with beautiful design elements...then sit back and close your eyes and pretend you are in your upper east side apartment and it makes everything seem so much grander!


Carolina Eclectic said...

Great article. In the past year, I've become a fan of flat paint, but I haven't used high gloss for ceilings. I like the idea...unless the ceiling has uneven texture.

Pink Wallpaper said...

yea, definitely true don't want to put a high gloss on anything that is not will show all imperfections!

Anonymous said...

i have to respectfully disagree on the benny moore navajo white. this color is definitely NOT crisp. it's dingy and drab (and loved by landlords).

Pink Wallpaper said...

ok, i get about brillant white or white dove...i can see how it can lend itself to dingy and interpreted as a "land lord" color.

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