Thursday, July 30, 2009


hummm, as i scroll through my pictures i found a lot w/ antlers in them. do i have a fascination w/ antlers and am unaware? we aren't a family that hunts but it is a decorative accent that gives a little what are you thoughts: trendy, cool, over it, or keep it in the cabin?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

just a quick trip to the hardware store....

and look what you can come up with...
i am smitten over those lights made out of metal buckets. i look at that picture and think "i can totally make that". i love people who think outside of the box and these are perfect examples of just what can be accomplished!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


soothing and calm- that is what i need right now...pounding hammers are echoing throughout the house as a new roof gets put on....these images make me feel peaceful even with that nail gun going off in my ear (okay, maybe it's going to take more than these pictures but they at least are helping the situation)...keeping my fingers crossed that the roof is finished any minute now.

Friday, July 24, 2009

it's friday...

hope you have a fabulous night planned...mascara- check, girlfriends- check, a glass of bubbly- check.....
oh wait, that was just in my dream last night...redo: palette on the floor w/ lots of pillows and blankets- check, popcorn and M&M's- check, disney movie- check, the most fabulous family ever- double/triple check...
however, you plan to spend it, i hope it's the best ever :) see you next week!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

mission accomplished.

bless her heart.
tay's poor hair is taking forever to grow...i mean forever. when she was born, i was so excited to have a little bald baby and thought by her first birthday she will be able to wear bows. well, that day came and went and tay still had very little hair. so we said, surely by her second b'day she will have hair...well, let's just say the hair has finally started growing, however, it has taken on a popular know the one: it's a mullet, long in the back/ short in the front. on tues, i said to warren 'i think it might be time for her first haircut''s getting a little out of control. but we looked at what they would cut off and we are scared it's going to make her look like a i decided to take matters into my own hands and headed to target to buy baby rubber solution was pigtails.
when i got home, i raced to her room and made two cute pigtails. taylor hated them...she cried and begged for me to take them out. warren said i was torturing her, so i reluctantly took them out. this morning, with warren out of the house (as if guys understand the importance of cute hair), i tried again...same thing....only this time, i didn't take them out. she cried for a little while but once i added the bow, she was sold. mission accomplished, for now at least.
*being the good mother that i am, i decided to set an example by trying out a new do myself: the tiny side braid made ever so popular by LC...luckily, my camera died before i could post a picture of it... :)
*images courtesy of me, glamour
**i had to erase the mullet pic...he was starting to scare me and making my blog ugly :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


one day, one of these will find a perfect spot in my home. until then, i will just look at these and envy them for not already being there.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i wonder...

i'm fascinated w/ that blue door and i often wonder what's behind it...maybe something just as my mind it kind of looks something like this....

Monday, July 20, 2009

mowing is for the birds.

i am tired...i have been cleaning for a week straight...i have gotten up everyday by 6:00, if not earlier, to start my daily chores....i woke up this morning and mowed the grass. this is a task i have now done twice in my life- once was for a lady who was coming over to look at the house for a possible mag shoot and the second time, yes this AM, was so we could put our 'for sale sign' in the front yard. mowing the grass is a hard chore and something that i plan on forgetting how to do as soon as this house sales :) hope y'all had a much more entertaining weekend...i'm off to put my feet up and eat the rest of the bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips (don't judge me).
*images courtesy of metropolitan home (this is not me, nor my house)

Friday, July 17, 2009

featured fabric: windsor smith

okay, so it's back...KW's imperial trellis started off w/ a bang....which really excites me to be able to make this a regular event at pink wallpaper. the goal remains the same, to allow the general public to obtain designer fabrics at a discounted price. i feel like designers should be "user friendly" and this is my way of hopefully allowing some of y'all to purchase great fabrics for your home!
this week, i wanted to pick a fabric collection that was a little more 'middle of the road' as far as pricing goes for trade fabrics. windsor smith is a legend in the design community. her interiors are constantly being talked about and drooled over...that is why, i was so excited when she developed a fabric line with kravet. i selected three fabrics to feature:

-image #1 "Archipelagos"
-image #2 " Riad"
-image #3 "Insignia"

all fabrics retail for $79/ yd; the featured fabric price $55/ yd. for inquiries please email me at: orders are placed through pay pal and the fabric will be shipped ups ground directly to your home (once your pay pal transaction has cleared). click on the fabric names to view available colorways and pattern repeats. this sale will last until 7-27-09.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

she's back....

when my favorite designers add new images to their website, it's like a cheap thrill to palms sweat w/ excitement as i anxiously click through the images...and phoebe has me giddy with excitement. there is nothing better then an early morning dose of great design.... *sigh* it just hits the spot.

*all images courtesy of phoebe howard