Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walt Disney World

taylor turns 4 in may and the girl talks about cinderella's time we take her to the castle.  but every time i go to book the trip, i get soooooo overwhelmed.  please help!!  i need advise:  where to stay- in park vs. outside of park, what to do if we are going to be there for 4 days, where to eat/ should we do a character dinner, if we should rent a house, take a stroller, bring food into the park, splurge on the dress up princess thing, which parks to visit w/ a 4 yr old, transportation to get to the park....whatever you feel the need to tell me, please do!!
y'all helped me so much yesterday w/ the mailing....hello, why did i not know that?!!!

*images courtesy of pigeon + pudding, disney world

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i love this quote....seriously.  i'm pretty sure that all moms that stay at home w/ their children probably feel the same way.  a working mom has to learn how to juggle things.  it's taken me a while....but i am learning.  what am i learning?  well let's take today for instance- by the time 10:00 got here, i have already: feed myself and the kiddos, showered, bathed my kids, got dressed, dressed my kids, dried/ straightened my hair (the only reason i did this was b/c my hair needs to be cut so badly i'm running out of options), loaded the kids in the car, loaded 15 boxes into the car, dropped tay off at school, had an impromptu paint consultation in the parking lot of the school, drove to the post office, carried 15 boxes and walker into the post office, mailed 15 boxes while i sat walker on the counter at the post office (i debated the floor but i thought people would judge me), had a conversation  w/ the postal worker about how to be more efficient w/ my mailing and what to do w/ a teething baby (i guess she felt the need to give me advise b/c walker was eating my keys and drooling all over the counter), did a major victory dance when i left the post office b/c i mailed 15 boxes by myself w/ a baby on my hip (i do this every day and it is seriously the most challenging part of my day), drove home, paid the mortgage, gave walker a bottle, put him down for a nap, did a post at the designer's attic, and now i am finally sitting at my desk getting ready to answer emails....thank you lord for providing coffee and work.  i love being a mom and to have work in this economy is a blessing.  i know that all of you moms out there probably go through the same kind of things on a daily basis.  it makes me feel proud.   you should too....try doing a victory dance (i did it to florence + the machine this AM).  it's very powerful.  and everyday when i leave the post office, i say- i did it...all by myself :)

*1st pic taken by taylor (she's 3 and can't quite get the camera in the right position)

Monday, March 28, 2011

do you ever find a song and it's just totally you....i do it all the time....and then i listen to it on repeat for an entire day and then i am tired of it.  this weekend, this was my song....still not tired of it (but i am probably pushing it).  on a different note, i just got a lulu dk chant pillow on ebay...if you love lulu like i do, check it out (someone needs to buy that twin duvet cover)!!  happy, rainy monday.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

yes please.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my husband totally gets me....he called at lunch and here's our conversation:
me: our house looks like a bomb went off, seriously....i think, i will go into the bedroom and dump out our drawers just to make it look a little better.
hubs: it's awful.
me: i know.  i am suppose to have a play date this afternoon....we are totally going to the park. no one can come into our house.
hubs: if someone knocks on the door, just run outside and start crying and act like we got robbed.
he's a genius :)

*images courtesy of camilles styles, design darling, the alternative bride, traditional home, shelter

Monday, March 21, 2011

i spy...

well, i'm officially off of my sick bed (thank you for the emails checking to make sure that i was not kidnapped by the strange van in my neighborhood...i totally left y'all hanging and i apologize).  i caught some awful bug from walker and have passed it along to just about everyone i know.  so i realize that i was going to show y'all my demilune purchase from scotts (please note: my house is a work in progress) i still need a mirror, lamp, to paint the pot the orchid is in, an entry way light, and i want to have my wallpaper lady cover the outlet w/ leftover wallpaper...but money doesn't grow on trees and i like the process of finding things so that's how i roll :)
and "i spy" isn't fun w/ just one photo, so i thought i would show y'all taylor's headboard...yes, i made it months ago and i forgot to ever show you the full thing....again, not styled....just a made up bed (kind of rare)....her room is also a work-in-progress!!  happy monday y'all!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


i didn't sleep well last night....i don't know why....okay, maybe i do.  i saw a beat up van drive down our street, twice.  so at 11:00, i create scenarios of why it was driving down our dead end road.  i hate that about myself.  i am the biggest scaredy cat.  i double check the alarm, peek at the baby monitor, turn on the TV....and pray, a lot, that my scenarios are not real.   maybe i should paint my nails hot pink and that will make it all better.
i went to scotts this past weekend.  i LOVE scotts.  it rocks.  lots of my bff's live in GA.  i always try to meet up w/ them when i go.  this past friday, we all got together for dinner and drinks.  there is nothing like good girlfriends.  we ate at the ivy.  i kept asking if this was the same "ivy" as in LA but no one knew.  i definitely didn't see any celebrities and in my head the ivy was a lot more glamorous in LA.  i woke up on Sat. and made it my job to go to sephora.  that place is like crack (more on that later).  lenox mall didn't open until 10:00 but as i drove, i passed several yard a high end neighborhood in atl.  so i had to stop.  one lady tried to get me to buy a fox or maybe it was a mink.  i saw this picture and it made me remember....
yep, it was pink like the one above.  i told her i was a mother of two small children and that i had no where to wear something like that.  maybe i should have gotten you think spit up would come out of it easy?
by 10:00, i was at sephora.  hello, that place is super dangerous.  i wanted new foundation.  i got a lady name karen, who pointed out a lot of areas i need to improve on when it comes to makeup.  in my head i hoped to leave looking like this:
but, if for some random reason you are still reading this, remember that i went out the night before w/ my girlfriends.  so i didn't leave looking like this.  instead, i got a lecture on how i shouldn't sleep in my makeup (which i swear, i usually do not do).  and i was convinced that i need to spend a lot of $$ on NARS makeup.  i was even told that i need to do homework...yes, sephora is a store that sells makeup.  my homework was to buy a good eye cream (should i be insulted) and use a mild exfoliator when i wash my face. any recommendations....b/c i was too broke when i left there to get the expensive eye cream!
okay....that is enough randomness...can you tell i have had a lot of coffee this AM!  tomorrow i will show y'all the demilune i bought at scotts!

*images courtesy of moth design, everything fabulous

Monday, March 14, 2011

i wish i could slip on those warm socks, curl up on the sofa and read all my design magazines i haven't had time to catch up on (okay, and maybe one trashy US weekly)....instead i am running around like a crazy woman trying to play catch up (the time change always throws us off)!  i hope y'all are having a happy monday!!!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

is it spring already?  i'm over winter and rain....

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i spy

some new things going on around my are my before plush, orange, velvet stools-
here's the after...the only problem is i haven't decided where they are going to live- either on my sunroom...
or in the bedroom....
and then i really needed to do something to our entryway....
so i found some wallpaper!  my quest this weekend- find a cool demilune table...
that's all i spy right now....i hope to spy more in the future :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


is it monday already...where did my weekend go??!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

that first picture makes me want to go to a thrift store and buy a plaid shirt...i've never bought a shirt at a thrift store....maybe i should start.  i think i should start wearing orange toe nail polish too....and that shoe "room", well come on...what's not to love?!

*images courtesy of apt #34, design sponge, KML design