Wednesday, February 27, 2013

i stepped out today for the first time since Sat. i kind of felt like the girl up top....big smile on my face, wind blowing in my hair, sun gleaming down...see when you've been cooped up for 14 days w/ everyone in your family having the flu, the first day out feels like heaven.  so what did i do.... after my meeting, i headed straight to target!  and went right to the beauty aisle with my phone in hand, on pinterest, searching for natalie's recommendations for "cheap buy's" (i don't know why i think that is so fun...but i do love a bargain :)  i guess everyone else does too b/c half the stuff was bought out!!  it didn't matter though b/c it was great just getting out again...cheers to being almost well!!!!

*images courtesy of lucy laucht, leta austin foster, tim babber,  my cup of te

Saturday, February 23, 2013

the winter blues has totally taken over our household...everyone in our family has gotten the flu over the last 10 days....i thought i was safe until i went to bed last night and then i knew that i had succumb to it as well.  but instead of moping about how miserable it has been, here are a few things that have shed some light our direction:

netflix has two good documentaries that you must watch:  first position &  the queen of versailles

i may or may not have eaten half of this cake by myself (what would you do in a house full of sick people??)

and i just found this song this AM and i can't stop playing it....

alright i'm off to go grab my blanket and a box of tissues....see you on the flip side.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

our day is super gloomy outside so these images seem to brighten my day!!  stay dry out there!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

i am so sorry for being away for so long!!  my entire family got taken down with the sick bug last week and we were just worthless!!  needless to say, we are feeling much better and i'm thankful to finally be able to eat and drink a cup of tea again!!  hope your monday is starting off right!!  and for everyone in the northeast, i hope the snow has let up and starting melting...think of y'all!!

*images courtesy of mrs. howard, anne hepferbijou and boheme, coastal living

Friday, February 1, 2013

my week's been stressful and i'm ready to CHILL OUT.....  this seems quite fitting right now :)
tonight, we are hanging out w/ good friends and i think this guy would be fun to take over to their house...i love a good cheese plate!!
another thing i want to do this weekend is go buy cheap beauty products....i have pinned all of these "great lipsticks" and everytime i'm in target or a drug store, i cannot find them.....any pointers?  anyone found these?
while i'm buying cheap beauty products, i think i need to make my bathroom cabinet look like this...seems simple enough.  if i could only keep it like this! 
and i wish i could do my hair like this...they call it an ombre bun...but that's just fancy for "letting your roots grow out", right (mission accomplished here)!!
as for the rest of the weekend, i plan on haning out w/ my fam....b/c i love those people.  
i hope y'all have a nice, chill weekend!!  xo- pink wallpaper

*all images are on my pinterest