Monday, October 31, 2011

do y'all feel like you have been celebrating halloween for a long time.....we have had several halloween things and i must say, i'm kind of glad it's finally halloween and today will be the last time the kiddos dress up and get more candy!!  last night, we had a neighborhood party and i was going to make some mummy cookies but i seriously think that every mom in SC is on pinterest and pinned the same recipe and the nutter butters were sold out!  only cookie at publix missing!  i was shocked and disappointed b/c i thought that was such a cute, easy way to be crafty!!  i hope y'all have a wonderful halloween!!! i'm off to pass out candy at taylor's school!

*all images are on my pinterest (sorry i am running last this am)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

seriously this blog is such a good place for me to come and daydream.....b/c my real life is so polar opposite.  it's not the easiest being a mom that works from home (and sometimes i get jealous of my husband as he leaves for work).  my youngest is going through a stage...a stage we don't remember w/ taylor.  he's very needy, he gets mad, and yes- he might hit (i said it....usually just me though...but sometimes others).  trying to send emails w/ a child that is crying next to you is not that luxurious...and i guarantee you i don't look glamourous when i am answering phone calls....i'm probably mouthing to my 4 yr old that i am on the phone and she has to wait to talk, wiping my child's nose, getting someone a sippy cup, or shutting myself in the bathroom so i can carry on an adult conversation.....either way, i love being a mom and i am thankful to have this blog as a way to daydream:)  thank y'all so much for still coming to visit....i am so glad to have you in my life!  xo- shannon

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Monday, October 24, 2011

so i have to admit, it's really hard for me to cook during the week.  i feel like i always make the same things over and over again.  i need meals that are good, that the kids will eat, that are semi healthy, and that don't take a lot of time i am cooking out of my crock pot all week.  last night i made the best should try it (it's totally not healthy but oh, so good).  the only bad thing about cooking out of the crock pot is that you have to start thinking about dinner at right now, i just got done searing a roast...and i'm not really in the mood to touch red meat at 9:00 in the morning.....

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

so i REALLY want someone to get this fabulous's vintage from this etsy gal....i seriously debated forever about buying it but i really don't have a great place for it.  it's so cool....

*images all found on my pinterest (pinterest is acting up so i can't get my links)

Monday, October 17, 2011

my kiddos got up at 5:15 today....i might need an inspirational quote to get me through this day......this one seems pretty good :)

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Friday, October 14, 2011

san fran

in case you can't tell, i went to san francisco....and obviously i had a blast eating and drinking my way through the entire city!!  i cannot thank y'all enough for leaving me comments on what to do while i was there.  i seriously took advice from case you don't believe me:
callie- i loved cow hollow and alcatraz was so cool, loved the audio tour
brittanie- i totally took your advice and made sure to eat susie cakes and pepples organic doughnut...i got salted cameral and man was it awesome!!
laura- i could live in the ferry building...and i did....i think i ate their 4x's....loved mission st- la taqueria and san jose were amazing...definitely authentic mexican vs. what we are use to here!
lizzy- went to every street you listed: filmore, chestnut, union....had a blast peeking in the small boutiques
megan- you know we had to go to wine country....although didn't do the marathon to get there :)  but enjoyed those wine tasting a lot!!
kasey- tartine- HELLO!!  fabulous!
teryl- i have to hand it to you- lunch at la boulange was the best ever....and the atmosphere was so inspiring!!
kelley p- again, can't say enough about the alcatraz tour (wish it hadn't rained on us but it made it fun) and chinatown was a great place to eat and get good gifts to take back for the kids
andi- all i can say is that "crossroads" is the BEST store ever....why can't i have one here?  seriously, best deals on major clothing labels...i had to set a limit or i would have bought the whole store!
caroline- so excited we made it to the farmer's market at the ferry building on sat. AM- it was the best meal we had all week....we had lox w/ cream cheese, dirty girl tomato, and it came on acme sourdough bread-OMG my mouth is watering...and of course i had to get a blue bottle dip coffee (in fact, i think i got one everyday)
i swear we did other things besides eat and drink- i hiked up to coit tower, ran up lombard street (and almost died from the hills), went to fisherman's wharf/ ghiradelli square, got a muni pass and road the cable cars (and all other public proud of myself for figuring it out), went to beach blanket babylon, went to a book reading at city lights, rented a car and drove on route 1 and the golden gate bridge, toured vineyards, and mostly walked all over the city just taking it in.....i can't say enough about my experience.  i have to say a huge thank you to my brother for inviting me to tag along on his work trip.  colin, it was a true blast and one i will remember/ cherish forever!!  thank you.....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

i swear i'm alive and haven't abandoned this blog!!  i have been gone FOREVER but i have to say, i had an amazing, amazing trip to San Fran.  i am working on a real post (but have a meeting in an hour so i can't get it up in time) here is a little pic from our trip: the first one was taken 25 yrs ago when our parents took my brother and i to san francisco for a vacation, the 2nd one was taken at the same place, Sam Woo in Chinatown last week....we've aged a little, and thankfully given up the lovely running jackets and white tennis shoes :)  be back soon, i promise!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

dear hubbie, mom, dad, gayle, warren, and kiddos -
thanks so much for all the effort y'all have put in so i can go off and enjoy an adventure w/ my brother in San Francisco (the last time we were there was when i was in second grade)!! you don't know how much it means to me!! xoxo!
see y'all next week!!!

*the designer's attic will still be up and going....