Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 was a very interesting year...
we uprooted our life in charleston and moved to beaufort, we found out we were having a baby boy, i ate my first fried pickle (and loved every minute of it), i spent 13 wks on bed rest, my daughter turned 3, a best friend survived a near fatal car accident, i had the honor of being published, i turned 31, we made new friends, i gave birth to a healthy baby boy, i joined jazzercise (and i might have dropped out), my husband and i started running again (and then maybe stopped), i expanded my company, we cooked a lot, i grocery shopped at walmart, i accomplished potty training (but not w/out a good, hard fight and maybe some tears), we drove 3,000 miles in a wk w/out the kiddos....but the best part was the time spent w/ my hubbie and two kids that i will never be able to replace.
so what does 2011 have going on???  well, my hubbie has a new job and we are moving to columbia, sc and that's about all i know for sure....but i am excited to see how it all unfolds!!
**to beaufort, our friends, and my parents- thank you from the bottom of my heart for a beautiful town and a very memorable year ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

wishing you and your loved ones a very merry christmas....
xoxo, pink wallpaper

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

exciting things are happening right now....
please forgive me if things are a little sporadic around here for a little while :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i want to crawl into these pictures....there is something so comforting about the color palette and vintage vibe they have going on.  and that bedroom looks pretty cozy considering it was just 13 degrees outside driving taylor to school!!

*images courtesy of living inside it

Thursday, December 9, 2010

15 days and counting....

i think i need to post these christmas images to remind myself that it is just around the corner....we have an advent calendar that taylor and i do every morning but somehow, it hasn't hit me that i might need to start shopping.....

i am doing a giveaway on LGN (don't you love jenny's blog).... i am giving away one yd of fabric, your pick, from the ones shown above or any that are still on my site that say available so go over there and enter for your chance to win!!  
alright, off to shower so i can take my sick children to the doctor! i hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

please forgive me...

i had all intentions of a new post today but i was up all night with a sick little girl and am totally lagging this AM.  hope you have a wonderful hump to get more coffee and maybe a cat nap.  see you tomorrow.

Monday, December 6, 2010

its' beginning to look a lot like christmas....

well, kind of :)  at least for the organized people at southern flourish!  they were sweet enough to ask me and a couple of other fabulous bloggers to design a mantel for their online magazine (the newest edition just came out!!).  my instructions were to make it "city slick"'s a sneak peek....

in my real life, i am less organized.  we tried to knock out a lot of the christmas decorations and duties..
we attempted to do a christmas card....easier said then done.  most of them looked like this:

we did get one decent one w/ the family...but i will save that for later since i haven't sent my cards out yet!  after that chaos, we decided we needed to go and get our christmas tree (don't you love tay's expression).

the thing i am most excited about is the garland- i went with real this year and it is sooooo worth the $25 i spent on 75 feet of garland. if you have this option, you should totally buy it!  it is so pretty and so easy to use!  today, we are putting the rest on the exterior of the house (which needs some help, who knows what the neighbors are saying about us!!).

we managed to decorate our tree and some of the house but all in all, i wanted to keep it simple this year.    maybe it's because i am being lazy but i just don't have it in me to go all out.  while we decorated, walker entertained himself...and yes, i know that when he is 16 and sees this picture he is going to kill me...but isn't it our duty as parents to do these kinds of things to our children :)  hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

i have this little 5 month old.  he steals my heart and has me tied around his finger (and he knows it).  he has this one little catch though, he isn't a fan of going to sleep (my little girl was such a good sleeper)....
i do a lot of running up and down the stairs to put the pacifier back in, to rub his belly, to flip him over when he gets stuck, to turn back on the sound machine.  and 9 x's out of 10- i am leaving the room in an army crawl (seriously, on the floor crawling out of the room so he doesn't see me).  and every time, i think to myself- are you seriously crawling on the floor right now??!!  i attached an action figure so you could get a visual :)

*images courtesy of nursery notions, bla bla kids, dwell, everything leb, google image