Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i treated my girls...

a makeover was in major need...so i took my blogs to the salon. kelly at fabulous k creative couldn't have been a better stylist, i mean design master! especially since the client was so high maintenance! you know designers, we have opinions on everything, especially when we are pregnant and on bed rest :) and the best part about the whole experience, we didn't even need to come home and wash and restyle our hair afterwards...kelly was perfect from the start! i don't think she could have created a blog that was more "me" if she tried!
so that knocks off one item from my to-do-list w/ my business....now onto finishing my website...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

monday, monday...

it's offically spring break for my two yr old....and it's raining. off to look and see what martha has to offer in the way of entertainment....maybe we should make bunny cookies.

*images courtesy of eva lindh, beach bungalow 8, table tonic, verdigris vie, fairlight day

life is good.

doctor's apt went good, kiddo is staying put- check
pretty, warm weather- check
i get to go to tay's easter egg hunt- check
avett brothers playing on itunes puts an instant smile on my face- check
life is good- double check ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

brown and white= the perfect combo....
i kind of feel that way about my husband and i...
happy b'day dear! i love you...
{i promise to one day make up the two birthday's, 30 & 33, you have had to celebrate while your wife's on bed rest. }

Monday, March 22, 2010


the weather was perfect on saturday....sunny and warm. i am hoping that it stays that way so i can start enjoying the back porch a lot more often. being able to go and swing and watch taylor play and warren cook out is a great way to spend a day.

*images courtesy of harsh rule, house and home, elements of style, lonny, house of turquoise, brabourne farm

Thursday, March 18, 2010


these interiors are so pretty...
i love the clock, i would skip around the room if i had two of those beautiful x stools sitting in my LR, that designer doggie bed makes me think twice about the gigantic ll bean bed barron sleeps on, that bedroom seems so peaceful- i like the unexpected lighting, and that bathroom, man, i love it all.....

*images courtesy of love that too, wisteria, tricia joyce, aubrey road, decor pad

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

celebrating green...

my way of celebrating st. patrick's day has had many different meanings over the years...in elementary school i celebrated it by seeing how much green i could actually put on my body, in middle school i toned it down to just a pair of earrings, in high school i think i wore pink b/c i was trying to be cool by not wearing green, in college i chugged green beer, and currently i traded in all of that green for a bowl full of guacamole....
happy st. patrick's day...i hope you enjoy the green, whichever way you choose to celebrate it :)

*images courtesy of design sponge, glimpse of style, partierre garden, google image

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

personal touches

lately warren has been on my case about adding some personal touches to the house....and by personal touches he means family pictures. he thinks the house feels too much like a 'show house'...believe me, my house is far from a show house but it does have tablescapes in the main areas and to a 33 yr old man, that means a show house. we do have family pictures scattered around the house, but they are mostly in our bedroom. i have a gallery wall of black and white pictures of taylor that were taken when she was one. i guess, i have kind of moved away from tons of pictures on every table...am i at fault? my personal touches are items that have meaning like an antique bowl that was my great grandmother's or a great find that i discovered while out thrifting one day (men don't get these things, especially warren). last night taylor asked if this antique fan worked and warren replied "no, your mother likes to put old things around the house that don't work for some odd reason". am i a victim to wanting an over-decorated house? does this mean i lack personal touches? please advise....i want the house to have pretty tablescapes but i also need to please my husband b/c after all, it's his house too!

Monday, March 15, 2010

when i picture perfection....

it comes in a subway tiled wall, a soft cream viking, and beautiful porcelain numbers that line my kitchen cabinets drawers.....

*images courtesy of jill sharp and country living

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

let's play...

i love this breakfast table combo from martha stewart....it made me want to play designer...so here are my thoughts on how to recreate a cute space on the cheap...let's get started w/ the main components:

(a) ikea docksta table will work perfect- cheap: check

(b) 4 bentwood bistro chairs...you can find these at any antique store/thrift shop/ yard sale (or maybe your parents attic or garage); and to add a twist, let's make sure they are all different styles of bentwood chairs...i would say you can find these bad boys for $25-30 a piece. and it doesn't matter if they have cane or wooden seats b/c we are adding a cushion.

(c) paint for the chairs...benjamin moore prescott green HC-140 (you will need to prime the dark wood first).

(d) stripe fabric...i like the unexpected pop of coral w/ this combo....so i am keeping it. any local fabric store should have a variety of stripes available...

(e) creating the diamond pattern for the fabric: cut the stripe on a diagonal (you will need 4 peices) and then align them together to form a diamond....simply take to a seamstress/ upholsterer/ your mom and create seat cushions

alright, now that we have the main things at a great budget...let's add a killer light...i love the goodman hanging lamp by thomas o'brien w/ the antique brass chain and white shade...circa lighting carries this little diddy. a little bit of a splurge but w/ all the money you saved, so worth it!!
that was fun! let's do it again soon :)

*first image from martha stewart