Wednesday, August 29, 2007

#9. Baby Nurseries

i had the best time doing my baby's nursery. there is something about being able to be so creative and do things that your normally would not do in the other parts of your house. i spent months trying to figure out exactly what i wanted to do to her room and what furniture i wanted to use. i came across this amazing baby boutique in atlanta called b.braithwaite. it was run by an interior designer who went on a shopping trip to paris and decided to open this beautiful baby store. i would love to own that baby store. i will tell you that if you are looking for anything out of the "norm" with baby furniture, you will not find it in c'town.

anyway, i decided on bold stripes for one wall. i was going to do some great graphic wallpaper, but i started thinking that i could create the look of wallpaper with paint. so i came up with these bold stripes and i kept the rest of the room white. i love her stokke crib. its oval and of course a pain b/c you can only put oval sheets on it but i think its totally worth it. and last but not least, we painted "tex" the giraffe. my husband actually drew it and i went back and painted it w/ big polka dots. if you are having a baby, be creative. you can look through the pottery barn kids catalog and get ideas but make your room unique and reflect the inner-kid in you.