Wednesday, October 3, 2007

chicken man

if you are from columbia, sc than you have no doubt heard of "chicken man", also known as ernest lee. he is a wonderful pop artist who has made his mark throughout SC. he began painting at the age of 12. he once described his folk art as something "done from the heart, not from a picture". his subjects are usually painted on particle board and range in prices (my mother-in-law has discovered that if you buy in bulk you get a better bargain). He travels throughout the south w/ his mobile open air art gallery. if you are interested in his work, you can usually find him on the corner of harden and gervais street in columbia...or just let me know, my mother-in-law has his cellphone number b/c she loves giving his art as wedding gifts.

needless to say, i was so excited when my mother-in-law showed up w/ this "chicken man" on monday. she has had her hanging in the garage for years and i have always wondered why. she claims its b/c she's a little frayed around the edges and some of the paint is chipping. but i love "chicken woman" with her big butt and endowed knockers! i cannot wait to hang her on my "want-to-be" cottage porch. i think i am going to put her above my yardsale church pew so everyone can see her from inside the house. she puts a huge smile on my face! thanks gayle for my giftie, she adds total attitude to my porch!


iPod self-studier #237 said...

I am looking to buy some stuff from Mr. Chicken Man, but I can't get ahold of him. Could you please give me his cell number? It would me much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I also was wondering where to find the chicken man. Haven't spotted him around town at all recently and was wondering if you could pass his number along to me? thanks!

Anonymous said...

he has a stand on Harden Street just north of Gervais St.. He is there a good bit and his cell phone is listed there if he is not there.

Anonymous said...

he now has a website at

The phone number is listed. He was at his corner yesterday :)