Friday, October 26, 2007

super white

so i went on an exploration for granite yesterday at A & S (a local distributor for all of the granite and marble in the c'town area). it is insane how many varieties of granite there is out there. the client i was scouting for prefers granite, so i walked up and down this huge warehouse accessing the situation. i wanted to find something that would work well for her but may not be your "typical" granite. that's when i stumbled upon super white (of course, i have no idea its real name; companies tweak the stones names so you can't shop around). i love this granite b/c it has gossamer veining like a marble. it doesn't have the flakes or "fish scale" appearance that you see in the a lot of the granites. i was so happy to find this, it gives you the durability of a granite (stain, scratch, and heat resistant) but the beauty of a marble.


Things That Inspire said...

This gives me the urge to go shop the stone yards. I have corian on my counter tops (when the house was built, that was the ultimate countertop), and although I love the functionality of the corian, it is time to update the kitchen. I love the white marble with the gray veining (carrerra?), but I cook and spill way too much for this to be a practical choice. The granite in your picture definitely has the look and feel that I am going for.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful slab this is, and very unusual.

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