Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the color that is everywhere...

as i flip through magazines the color that is really standing out to me is gray. i see it used in a ton of design elements right now. i use to feel like this color was cold and i couldn't imagine using it on the walls but i have a new outlook on gray. it seems so peaceful and pairs beautifully with blues, browns, corals, etc. i will say, i tend to lean to the brownish/ gray version of the color...i think that the added brown pigment gives off a warmth that makes the color not seem as well, how do you say it- gray! i was thrilled when a client/ indecisive friend of mine wanted to use the color. we looked at a ton of paint for her walls. we wanted the house to feel neutral but not look like a "spec home" where the walls seem like an institution. i can't wait to see how it reads on the walls.
another great thing about the color gray is that it looks absolutely beautiful with marble... marble on the counter top, on the bathroom floors, or as tile in a shower. i've looked at a lot of wood flooring lately and the darker shades tend to have purplish gray undertones in it- they are gorgeous. this color also looks great with another trend right now, metallic. so if you are in the market for a change in paint or a new color exploration, try'll be in for a pleasant surprise!


Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful picture, and great post! The Canadian designer, Patricia Gray, had a lovely post on the color gray a few months ago...check it out!

Alison Duffy said...

love grey! I did grey glass tile with marble with deep grey veining in my kitchen, I should send you a pic! Great post.

Pink Wallpaper said...

i'd love to see your kitchen ali!

blah said...

This room is beautiful - I'm not a huge gray fan - but after seeing this picture I could be convinced otherwise!

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