Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh my gosh, KELLY WEARSTLER did an interview for PW!!

i am soooooooo excited that my number one design hero agreed to do an interview with little ol' me!! kelly wearstler is the mecca in the design fact, i think she could be the 8th world wonder!! thanks so much kelly for taking time out to do this interview! this truly made my year!

Q: What inspired your draperies at the Estrella, the crisp white panels with the exaggerated Greek key motif? You must have an amazing seamstress!
A: The Greek key is such an iconic form, so I went for a neo-classical meets post-modern-in-the-desert aesthetic. I chose to keep color way black and white because it feels so crisp, airy and refreshing – perfect for Palm Beach.

Q: I love the bookshelves in the Viceroy study, how did you come up with the concept of doing the shelves on a diagonal?
A: My goal was to present the books in an unexpected way. When we were actually fabricating the prototypes, they were laid on their side and looked more interesting than just straight on, so that’s how the design came to be.

Q: What do you think is the most overdone trend in design right now?
A: Looking as if you bought all of your furniture in one place is so overdone. I know people find this to be an easy way to decorate, but choosing pieces you love from a range of sources creates a richer, more textured look.
Q: Describe your ideal client….
A: My ideal client is someone who has a program and a vision, but trusts the designer to run with it - that’s why they hire a designer in the first place. I like a client who has something to say and something to give because they’re the one living in the space.

Q: What do you miss most about South Carolina?
A: The people, they’re just so nice. (i agree)


rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Great interviews, and blog. Very inspiring. Thanks for the link!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Nice work! I was recently wondering how those Greek key window treatments were made--talented seamstress indeed!

SGM said...

YOU RULE! I'm so impressed.

Unknown said...

Great interview and well done!!!

Things That Inspire said...

Very interesting! I liked your questions, they were different than your typical blog interview questions.

Alison Duffy said...

Good for you! I loved the questions, well done girl!

girl meets glamour said...

That is so great!!!! I love what she says about which trend is overdone in her mind!


/// said...

Oh I just love her--- lucky you for scoring such an awesome designer to interview!

suzannemarques said...

ooh. you interviewed one of my idols! she's amazing isn't she? such a trendsetter. what a wonderful blog you have!

arre said...

wow! cannot believe you got a Kelly Wearstler interview - how fabulous! I think she is just an absolute doll and her taste is nothing short of divine. i am just visiting your blog for the first time, but thanks to that interview i am now declaring myself a pink wallpaper devotee!