Wednesday, January 16, 2008

belvedere lighting...

so on my quest to keep sharing my mag tear outs, i found this store also in my random pile...belvedere! then i just read my comments and this was a place that things that inspire said to visit in atl....i will definitely be checking this place out. i am in love with the lamps...ok, check out the birch bark lamp. i love how they describe the beautifully, handmade Peter Lane lamp: park avenue meets the farm- how fantastic! their vintage collection has so many cool things like the six- point art pottery gourd lamp and the pagoda lamp (that bronze shade is killing me). i am also a sucker for acrylic so if you put it on anything, i am bound to like it. the store does more then just feature lamps...the have a heavy emphasis on mid-20th century furnishings and accessories. they have an amazing inventory that i can't wait to see in person!


Richie Designs said...

glad to see you comment over at Richie Designs.

Oddly enough I'm usually the cute girl falling on her face in the middle of a room - dust myself off and outlive the humiliation to tell the tales of it.

like you're "about me" glad to hear you're still rocking the style even if you have a spit up or booger present!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your mag tear outs. Stunning lamps! Love the natural coloring.