Tuesday, November 4, 2008

suzy hoodless

i spotted suzy in traditional homes with her wallpaper line for osborne and little and i knew she would have something fun to offer....boy, was i right. i think that this quote from image interiors sums her up nicely- 'Suzy Hoodless is creating some of the most exciting interiors around with her intriguing mix of daring design and colour with amazing pieces of furniture. None of them should work together, but somehow she manages to pull it off beautifully' .


simply seleta said...

Very daring + chic.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I saw her in Traditional Home as well. I added her to notebook full of blog ideas to post about.

Ah you know what they say about great minds.

Love the post.

LindsB said...

I LOVE that wallpaper, I want it for my closet! I'm too chicken to do it anyplace larger, but in a closet would be awesome to start!

Anonymous said...

That very last picture just seems to be a room so serene and comforting. Colorful yet not too loud, cozy but not so lived in that it is sloppy.