Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dream home

today i am over at la dolce vita sharing my idea of a "dream house"....hope to see you over there! thanks so much paloma for letting me dream...it's kind of nice considering currently i am surrounded by runny noses, laundry, and dirty dishes :)


Karena said...

Shannon I will head over to see your guest post!!

Art by Karena

Vintage Home said...

off i go!

Andrea said...

I checked out your dream house and I'll probably dream about it tonight. Oh, how I wish I knew what blogs were a few years ago when I was chasing three snotty kids around.

paula said...

loved your dream house! I want it to. love your style.

South of Market said...

Just checked out your dream house on La Dolce Vita :)

P.S. The bicycle pic (and we have a thing for pictures of bicycles...) made us SO happy!!