Friday, February 25, 2011

happy weekend.

i feel like this is a good thought to send us off into the's easy to get caught up in wanting all the "stuff" and living "the life"...
i need to remind myself that i am ultimately a mom so wiping my children's nose for 100th time is my duty, as well as cleaning spit up off the new rug, hanging out in the doctor's office sick room for 2 hrs, and wearing mix match pj's is just a fact of my life.  even if, in my head, i have a totally different picture!  maybe that is why this blog is such a good outlet :)
*on a side note: since i have been housebound for the last week w/ sick kiddos, i thought i would do something for myself...i got out the real simple i received in the mail yesterday and tried these faces while applying my makeup.  it is suppose to make your makeup look better.  for me, it provided a much needed laugh!  happy weekend.


la la Lovely said...

you took the words right out of my mouth. blogs are a great for a double life!

katygirl said...

Ah Shannon. You read my mind. I have left the house three times in two weeks. And two of those were taking miles to the dr. I'm going crazy! But you are right, ultimately, I am a mom. I wouldnt change it!

Ann said...

I love the quote...
oh so true...
Happy Weekend ♥

McFarland-Higgins family said...

I tried those faces, too. And had the same result. Also in a house with sick kids, five of them to be exact, I needed the laugh! Hope yours get better soon.

Unknown said...

I have had that revelation this week. You said perfectly! And sorry to hear about your sick kiddos. I hope they get well soon.

Love the Decor! said...

Hoping you have delightful weekend!!

Gretchen O. said...

Hope everyone is on the mend! No fun, especially with the pretty weather we have had:(

Katie @ Yankee and Peach said...

I will have to use those faces the next time I put on makeup (hmm.. when's my next hot date with the hubby? uhoh, it could be a while!)

very ironic that you posted regarding makeup faces, as i just posted about my little 16 month old being fascinated with mommy's makeup tools!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

Haha, you're right! Wiping noses is no fun but worth it for the sweet faces they're attached to. Snuggling up and watching Cars for the 137th time is my new 'going out to the clubs' and we wouldn't change it for the world...but it's fun to leave reality and look at pretty pictures sometimes. So thanks for all you do here. :-)

Tote said...

I hope you all feel better. Everyone I talk to is sick. I think it is the time of year. Good luck with the kiddos!

Unknown said...

You are a great mom, decorator and blogger...I know it's hard right now, but trust me, you will miss this time with your little ones. Mine are 18, 16, and 13...and it happened in a blink of an eye!

Unknown said...

OK that avocado concoction in the post below looks delish. A little weekend fun - check out the pillow giveaway I'm doing on my blog!

Unknown said...

Oh I love it ( faces! ).. totally saving that pic :) x

The enchanted home said...

Hope everyone is better soon....and really hope you have a wonderful weekend!

missmehoneybee said...

Love the quote..and I feel your pain. Without a car today and we got a new english bulldog this week. Stuck at home with fifteen month old ,this dog and its stormy outside. We are all adjusting to life with a dog in the house.ahhhh. Have a feel better weekend.

Heidi said...

Your blog really makes me happy :) hehhehe

Naturally Carol said...

Blogs are a great many times people have said I live in a beautiful old queenslander house...yes I do in a way..but it is not quite as beautiful as is on the!!!

Pinecone said...

The hubby and I are addicted to Jersey Shore too. Love Thursday nights! I really don't know what it is....

Unknown said...

Could not have said it better myself. Thanks for the reminder. Carey-

Anonymous said...

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I love that quote about being yourself in a world that constantly wants you to be something else is really amazing! So true!

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