Monday, August 20, 2012

wow.  so this is what silence sounds like.  it's officially the first day of school.  we managed to get two kiddos off to school...and no tears were shed by walker (a pure miracle), taylor, or me (i got them out last night).  while having the house to myself is nice (and much needed), i must say, i miss those little munchkins.  


Sheree said...

I LOVE having the house to rare..I am excited for you!
I am obsessed with that first pic!!!
Sheree x

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

The first day is always so bittersweet...... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I have no experience with sending kids off to school yet, but it sounds so bittersweet. Wonderful in one way and a little sad in another. Beautiful pictures today, the palette's really calming.

the designers muse said...

Love the office above. Looks like a great place to get work done and be inspired. I think kids in the South go back to school earlier than they do up north....we are looking at another week and a half before school starts. Thanks for sharing.

White Lacquer said...

It is bittersweet, so fun for them to see friends and be busy {mine are at they age they complain of boredom, Yikes}. Enjoy your time!

xx. Patience

Fagsworth said...

You have a Norwich. What's his or her name?

Unknown said...

Hi Shannon, good luck this year with the kids in school.
That office picture is so inspiring to me, I love it.
Love your cooking with pinterest stories--too funny

Unknown said...

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