Monday, November 26, 2012

back to the real world....after a fun-filled couple of days away, i must admit it was hard having to jump back into the routine this AM.  wishing you a happy monday.....

*images courtesy of ajf designcoco cozy, shelterness, house and garden, juliasvistadrommer


C. Berner said...

Love the mix of fashion and home! Your blog is a must read of mine! I'm just getting started and would love if you checked it out!


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Lovely! Im really liking rustic chic these days!
xo Nancy

Dane said...

*sigh* now I must seek out gold lacquered nail polish today...I will never get anything done. I'm not complaining; but the hubby will when he gets home tonight and sees nothings been done but I've shiny new nails. =)

It will be difficult to look chastised!


hong kong property said...

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