Saturday, February 22, 2014

it's been long overdue but i wanted to thank y'all for the wonderful suggestions for our trip to California.  i will never do another trip w/out asking for your was just that fun.  we literally did as much of it as we could in the short time we were there.  here were our favorite things from the trip:
Abbie's at Seal Beach...asian nachos.
Running in Laguna Beach and La Jolla- such a fun way to see the city and the views were amazing.
Drive on Hwy 1
Eating at Bull Taco in Cardiff...never would have known this existed....thank you Grace.
Croughnut at VH Donut....OMG
Hike in Torrey Pine...amazing
Dinner at Georges- best waiter, steak, and dessert....we loved La Jolla.
Coffee Cup, Ryan Goslings twin works there.
Authentic Mexican restaurant, Las Cautro Milaps (recommended by our waiter at Georges)
And the sunset at Coranado
Y'all are the best!!  Thanks for taking time to help plan our trip!!


penny said...

oh my goodness, I couldn't believe it when I saw the VG donut sign! That place will make a believer of you. I never liked donuts until I had one of theirs. So glad you had a nice time in our neck of the woods.

Unknown said...

My hubby & I are heading to San Diego on Wednesday....what MUST we see & do?

Michelle K said...

I live in La Jolla, so happy you enjoyed it! Bring your kids next time & stay @ the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club... Perfect for families, :)

Unknown said...

Yayyy! We are visiting friends in this area in July-thanks to your followers for sharing these tips! I am sure this was a well-deserved vacation, glad you had fun with the hubsters.

Lexi said...

Loving all of the pictures and looks like a great trip!
xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

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