Friday, July 24, 2015

kitchen inspiration

man, inspiration is everywhere these days.  it's almost impossible to make a decision.  every time i'm on pinterest or instagram, i see something that makes me want to change my mind.  for my new kitchen, i'm going white.  my last kitchen was grey and the house before that was greige.  now, i think i'm ready for white.  it's safe....and i need some safety in my life.  but i can't be totally safe (that's boring), the island is going to be a soft gray/ green.  now, i know what you're thinking.  your kitchen doesn't look like these....but i have a lot of faith in some cans of white paint let's just keep our fingers crossed, okay ;)

*sources luxe, bravo, amber interiors, clary pfeiffer, cortney bishopurban electricluxe source


Unknown said...

Haaah, Shannon, you’re right, everyone needs stability and safety in their life, but with some limits. Overdose of safeness means boredom. What would you say about a splash of color by using a rug? That can be the perfect gateway to find the limit between stability and boredom. Let me dare invite you to visit our colorful rug world: Hope you will enjoy it and find the dose of “risk” you need for your kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Why is the girl filling the bottle staring straight into space? Wouldn't you be looking at it to make sure the water was going in? Just sayin' I can hear the photographer saying, Look this way again, looks great, good job! And she's just hoping the water gets in the bottle! (I am married to a photographer, so I can totally imagine this scenario!)

Lovely kitchen!

Unknown said...

Is it located on a single house or is the photo taken at different kitchens? Nevertheless, designs are very good to the eye.

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Unknown said...

Hello! I saw a photo on Pinterest leading to your blog with a black and white sort of pinwheel tile. I would like these for my sister, would you mind telling me where you bought them?

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Awesome Kitchen !

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Truly, inspiration is everywhere these days! And these interior designs, quite mesmerizing :)
Good that you went for a white kitchen. Won't you upload your new kitchen's pics?

Unknown said...

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