Tuesday, August 7, 2007

# 2

2. CARRERA MARBLE is just fabulous and when people have balls enough to put it on their kitchen countertops, its flipping fantastic! now, i know that y'all are out there thinking "marble on countertops, is she crazy!" maybe i am, but granite is overused and in my opinion, out. europeans have been using marble on countertops for hundreds of years and i think its about time for us americans to take some lessons. now if you are adventurous enough to take the step of putting marble in the kitchen, i suggest going a little further and making it honed. when you hone a solid surface, it takes the shine out of it. you will love the look of this beautiful countertop and if you had a bad day at work and need to drink a couple of bottles of wine, don't worry about it when you spill that last glass while dancing to Fergie's latest hit...with proper cleaning and a little less "anal" attitude, your marble will be fine and over time will have a beautiful patina look.


Unknown said...

Did you know that Carrera Marble is the stone that Michaelangelo used to sculpt many of his masterpieces? The quarry was located nearby (in Italy) and plentiful so it provided him with limitless resources for his work...plus the white stone is often flawless so it was a perfect choice.

I totally agree that this is a great material to show off with. There is nothing more fantastic than a countertop with an integral sink carved out of the same material. And marble is the perfect product for this application.

If the Masters used it during the Renaissance, shouldn't we use it for...uh...the new millenium?!

Stacey N. said...

Well said, Shannon. Marble is one of those rare materials that strikes so many chords...fem yet masculine, modern yet classical, interesting but not overwhelming. One day...it will be on my countertops too.

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

So glad I read this. About a month ago I went for it and purchased carrera marble for my countertops (along with a butcher block countertop for the island). I know it is "risky", but I agree that it is worth it! It is honed and I will embrace it with every spilled glass of Pinot :)