Thursday, August 9, 2007

#3. mix-matched DR chairs

i am sorry it's taking me a long time to get these 10 things out...i had all intentions of writing yesterday but my neighbor kidnapped me and made me go to lunch with her...i know, i had the rest of the afternoon after that but one draft bluemoon made me totally unmotivated...i took my daughter's lead and had nap time :)

i think that giving your traditional dining room a makeover is a must. and i see no better way to do this than by taking some modern elements, aka cool chairs, and placing them with a vintage/antique dining room table. i absolutely love it when you mix color or even a great "ghost chair" with a wooden table. i love mixing the old with new. I think it gives layers to your design. so if you want to do an instant update, get funky and think outside the box by getting chairs that aren't "matchie-matchie"....or if you happen to have already bought the "rooms to go" package, take some fun paint and paint those traditional wooden chairs kelly green or turquoise...your husband might think you have lost your mind but in the long run does his opinion really matter?? i mean, if it were up to them your entire house would be hunter green and burgundy with overstuffed pleather recliners everywhere.

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