Friday, August 10, 2007

#5. Cool lighting

big smile...i love schoolhouse lighting or just any lighting that is outside the norm. and by norm, i mean, your basic lighting found at the nearest Lowes. you can always find cool lighting, you just have to look outside of the big orange store that ALL builders use. lighting can add so much character to your home. if you are on a budget, make sure to save a little dough to put fantastic lights in these places: kitchen- either ceiling or pendant lights, dining room, foyer, and if you still have some cash, the powder room. flea markets, antique stores, or your local interior designer :), is a great place to start looking. just b/c you live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood doesn't mean you have to have the same lights as your next door neighbor.

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Rebecca said...

Very good ideas misses. And I love your humor. I'm very proud of you for having a blog. I miss you!!!