Tuesday, August 14, 2007

#6. Roman Shades or just custom window treatments in general

so itunes is not just a place for music, its a place for addicts...its a total addition and the cause of my delay in writing. monday, i started my morning with the usual bowl of cereal and put the baby on her playmat and had every good intention of writing a blog...and i started searching itunes and the next thing i knew it was lunch time.....so here i am today with a totally new outlook...only 30 minutes of searching itunes. i must focus and listen to ray lamontage.

roman shades are so fun much and can be modern, traditional, cool, classic...they can be anything you want them to be with the help of great fabric and a seamstress. there is something about custom window treatments that add class to your home. maybe its because they are totally created by you or your savvy interior designer....not the mail order catalog that just arrived in the mail. it displays your taste and can be totally original.

places you might want to do fabulous window treatments are: kitchen/ powder room/ nursery- great places for roman shades; dining room/ living room- long panels that just break the floor look fantastic here. i heart custom window treatments with bold fabric...your husband won't heart custom window treatments if he sees the bill so do yourself a favor and hide the receipt....


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Waseem said...

Great place for shade....in living room and kitchen the shades look fantastic.
Roman shades concord, ca

Unknown said...

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