Wednesday, August 15, 2007

#7. Inspiration

there is something about a collection of ripped out magazine pages, fabric, wallpaper, etc. that totally excites me. my cork board...i have two and its where i display things i love and want.....there is a method behind this madness...

  • Lulu DK- a master in fabric design...a young, hip girl who has awesome, geometric prints like the navy and blue color wheel fabric or the chant reverse chocolate brown fabric...they would make killer pillows
  • modern lines of a simple sofa- would look stunning in the kelly green dot fabric by Hable
  • Ben Moore paint- one of my favorite kinds of paint; Antiguan Sky 2040-60 is a dynamite color that was in this store in Beaufort and it looks amazing paired with black and white accents
  • card- this was the card i received from my husband when i took the step to go out on my own...a must to have around...
  • blue and green room- i ripped this out of a mag a while ago and i think it sums up the things i love....the paint colors and application, the zia-priven custom light, the bold zebra print on the floor...i think this room is awesome
  • Holly Hunt Glass Stool- come on...this just screams cool
  • Greek Key trim- a great trim to add to a window treatment, sofa, the simplicity of the greek key
  • Cole and Son Wallpaper- retro classic....these papers are just fabulous
  • Anthropologie sofa- i love the new furniture line that Anthropologie has...they are so current with the design trends...and bold, which i love
  • picture of my BFF's- there is nothing like going home to see your bestfriends
if you are considering hiring an interior designer, have some sort of inspiration whether it be in a notebook, a folder, whatever. its a great way to showcase your individual style and for the designer to get what makes you happy.

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