Monday, August 20, 2007

#8. The perfect find

in order to actually achieve the "perfect find", you cannot be looking for have to stumble across it. and usually, when you find it, it won't be used for its original purpose...i love this vintage chalkboard that the editor from "cottage living" found; it makes this kitchen.

now if you are lucky enough to find this perfect piece, you than have to know what in world you are going to do with it and how its going to make the biggest impact. my "perfect find" was an old stain- glassed door from a civil war church. its was against the wall in an antique store in my hometown and the colors just drew me to it. i had no need for this huge door but it captivated me. and than it hit me, if i took the door and hung it sideways than it would make an awesome decorative accent above my sofa....a spot that desperately needed some kind of art form and on our budget a painting that large was out of the question. now that door is one of my prize possessions...i will take it to the next house we live in. and if for some reason we do end up winning the lottery and i can commission a local artist to do a painting above my sofa, than i will take my "perfect find" and create another perfect place for could look really cool as the door to a pantry or out onto a sunporch....

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